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  • How much is your consultation fee?
    There is a $50 fee for booking a consultation. This is to hold your spot and account for my time. However, if you choose to sign up for a package within 48 hours of your consult the fee will go towards your package price!
  • How far do you travel for lessons?
    I do not have a limit on how far I travel for my clients. However, there is a travel charge for each mile outside of a 5 mile radius around my home. The fee starts at $2 per mile but may vary depending on actual drive time.
  • Why do all your packages include a treat pouch?
    All of my packages include a professional grade treat pouch. Most, if not all, of my training includes the use of food rewards. Over the years, I have found that a good treat pouch helps make using food rewards that much easier for my clients. Cheaper pouches make grabbing rewards difficult and therefore people are less likely to use them. By including a high quality treat pouch I take the guess work out for my clients and set them on the path for success!
  • Do you use corrections in your training programs?
    While I will sometimes use corrections in my programs they are not typically a first resort. I prefer to teach dogs what I want of them using positive rewards and motivational methods. However, once the dog has a good understanding and can confidently perform the behaviors I am looking for I may introduce simple corrections. The corrections I typically use are verbal correction, spatial pressure, and leash pressure. If you would like further information on how I incorporate corrections into my training process, please feel free to reach out.
  • Do you offer individual lessons?
    I do have an individual lesson option for a cost of $125. However, I do not recommend it for most clients as one lesson is almost never enough to fully address your concerns and it is priced in a way to discourage it. If you are still interested in a single lesson option feel free to contact me and we can set on up.
  • Why is your membership only available to past and current clients, not new clients?
    I made the decision to not open the membership program to new clients due to the nature of the program. The lessons provided are Half hour and semi private lessons are great for keeping up on training or increasing the challenge, but not the best option for clients just getting started in their training journey. Also by limiting the membership program to past and current clients it allows me to have a good understanding of you and your dog. This will ensure that I can set up semi private lessons and structure group outings in a way that sets everyone up for success.
  • What are semi private lessons?
    These lessons are only available as part of my membership program. These are hour long lessons that involve 2-3 clients at one time. These are typically held in public spaces to ensure that everyone has the room they need to be successful. These lessons are great for working through other dog distractions!
  • How do I create and use my ProPet Software account?
    ProPet is my client portal software. It is where you can book all of your lessons/classes, upload important documents, and easily keep track of your packages. You can follow this link to create your own account: If you want to learn more about how to navigate your account there is a short video that goes over the basics. Click HERE to watch. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out!
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