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Side view of a female white and tan patched pit bull stands and stares up at someting to the right of the camera

Help your dog become the best version of themselves
Strong. Happy. Confident.

Black and tan piebald minature daschund sits on a rock posing for the camera
Black and tan minature malinois sits and smiles for the camera with other dogs behind her


My dog training journey began over 5 years ago with my first dog Mona. I got her from a shelter I volunteered at while in college. She was perfect in so many ways but came with her fair share of issues. She was returned once already due to separation anxiety issues and had some pretty intense dog reactivity. While I had a few dogs growing up none of them had issues like hers. So I began to immerse myself in the dog training world.


At the core of my training approach is the desire to help each dog become the best version of themselves. Each dog has inherent potential that can be suppressed for a variety of reasons. I believe that it is my job to show each dog the path that allows them to reach that potential. I cannot force them down that path, but I can light the way and guide them to their best self.


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  • Basic Obedience Group Class

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