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Here's How I Can Help You

Blue pit bull sits to the right of a white and tan pit bull in the woods next to a pertially frozen river. Both are wearing harnesses and are staring intensely at the camera
Black and tan pieald minature daschund runs in a field towards the camera. His long ears are straight up in the air

All training is done either in your home or in a local park. Each lesson costs $85 and lasts an hour. Even if you do not see your specific problem listed, feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further! I still may be able to help!

Tan and white terrier mix wearing a red life jacket stands in a river staring up at the camera


Basic Obedience

Do you want to teach your dog some basic skills? Sit, down, heel, recall, etc. I can help you teach these to your dog in a fun and motivational way!

Dog Reactivity

Dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs can make walks or even yard time difficult to enjoy. I can help your dog learn to calmly go about their day and ignore other dogs around them! 

Leash Manners

Does your dog drag you all around on your walks? On a mission with no second thought about you? I can help you to truly enjoy walks with your best friend!

New Puppy/Dog

It can be tough to welcome a new member into your household. I can help set everyone up for success and help make the transition as smooth as possible!


A life lived in fear is no one's ideal. I can help your dog grow their confidence in order to live a better, happier life!

Problem Household Behaviors

Everyone wants to enjoy living with their dog, but some dogs have habits that can make that difficult. I can help your dog to better understand what good manners are!

Having adopted my dog from a shelter, I soon realized we needed professional help in training. Nadine's patience and knowledge have helped Peaches develop into the well-adjusted, loving companion she has now become. It was also helpful for us to learn our training skills in our own home and yard.

Debra H. and Peaches

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