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Here's How I Can Help You

Blue pit bull sits to the right of a white and tan pit bull in the woods next to a pertially frozen river. Both are wearing harnesses and are staring intensely at the camera
Black and tan pieald minature daschund runs in a field towards the camera. His long ears are straight up in the air

As not only a business owner, but a consumer as well, I know how difficult it can be to make decisions without knowing all the details. So here at Light The Way we want to be as up front as possible with our pricing. Costs for each item are listed on their respective page. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!

Tan and white terrier mix wearing a red life jacket stands in a river staring up at the camera

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for those who want one on on instruction. All training is done in your home or at a local park. I offer many different packages to suit the needs of my clients.

Basic Obedience
Group Class

Group class is great for those just wanting to dip their toes into the world of dog training. It can also be a great environment for those looking to challenge their dogs. I currently offer a 9 week obedience class for dogs of all ages.

Specialized Group Classes

These group classes are perfect for those looking to continue their training journey or those looking for fun things to do with their dog! 


These monthly programs are great for past or current clients who want to continue their training with others in the community.

Having adopted my dog from a shelter, I soon realized we needed professional help in training. Nadine's patience and knowledge have helped Peaches develop into the well-adjusted, loving companion she has now become. It was also helpful for us to learn our training skills in our own home and yard.

Debra H. and Peaches

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